Saturday, December 7, 2013

Veater Ranch: Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving on the Veater Ranch this year was such a dream. There's something about the crisp air and breathtaking sunsets. I never wanted to leave, and as soon as I did I wanted to come back. Of course, I'm only slightly biased. This year, Thanksgiving was hosted at the George Veater home, and with Kara at the helm it went off without a hitch! Thanksgiving for us includes hours and hours of family time (immediate and extended), movies, and lots of drives to check on the cows and scenery.

Aside from Thanksgiving, George continues to work hard in the office and on the ranch (maybe risking his life) clearing brush, and Kara continues to act as mother of the year to the last baby girl left at home. A new bunch of cattle are in, and their evidence is all over the roads. The few leaves clinging to the trees are the perfect mix of green and gold and a thick blanket of crunch leaves and pine needles covers the ground all over.

As of today, there's snow on the ground, but we enjoyed the fall-feeling Thanksgiving of 2013.
Welcome December and Christmas and snow!

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