Spraying regrowth

There's a reason why brush covers all the land around here.
It's peskily good at staying alive.
That, of course, makes our job much harder.
I mean, who wants to clear brush only to see it there again a few years later?
So we spray.

We hike around with really heavy backpacks.....
[these days I've traded in my hiking boots for a corner office]
So let's rephrase that....Zane does a lot of hiking around with heavy backpacks.
Like a crazy person. In the heat of the day. Up really steep mountains.
But it's all worth it when the work gone into clearing is no longer wasted.
And the live oak brush [oh, I just cringe at the phrase]
doesn't grow back after a couple summers of soaking up some good ole' weed killer.

Of course the pesky poison oak doesn't make it through the summer without some of the backpack-love either.
It's every bit as undesirable.

So next time you see a really dirty Veater at the Frosty in town,
say hello. make sure they're drinking water [a sister has to worry about these things, right?]
but don't pat them on the back.
Chances are they will be covered in poison oak, dirt, weed killer or sweat.
And your hand just wouldn't appreciate any of that, would it?