Clearing Brush

Up here in the foothills [as those of you who live there are fully aware] there sure is a lot of brush. 
When we started this project, in fact, it was so thick that you could barely find your way through it. 
And when you're trying to operate a working cattle ranch, the cattle are pretty good at running straight to it.
It becomes a constant game of hide and go seek, or cops and robbers rather
...And their skin is a heck of a lot thicker than ours!
[So following them through the brush on horseback isn't your best option if you have another to choose]
That, in combination with the fact that brush that thick is a huge fire safety issue, is why we clear.

So those fires that you see up there from time to time?
those are brush piles.

And the ones you are just sure are too big?
They're not. We work together with the fire department and they are fully aware of what's happening.

And don't worry, we leave trees.
Lots and lots of trees.
Just not a lot of brush.