Our family

George grew up on the ranch and never lost his love for the land. 
He works as a financial planner in the city, but like the saying goes...
"you can take the boy out of the ranch, but you can't take the ranch out of the boy"
He spends weekends and some evenings clearing brush, gathering cattle, or fixing fence.
When he isn't in a suit, he's wearing his belt, boots, and more often than not...his hat.
He competed in rodeo in high school and college, and just kept going for another 25 years or so.
But that's a whole separate subject .

He's the head honcho of the whole deal, but he's also a father of four. 
And a husband of nearly 24 years to some darling girl that couldn't be any older than 30...

Really though, Kara acts as young as she looks in the picture below and is a true gem. She can cook you the best meal you've ever had, and put any crying baby to sleep. She's superwoman. 

Jessica is the oldest, and is married to Steve. She's the original cowgirl. She fell in love with a horse around the age of 8 years old, and never turned back. She started by competing in reigning cowhorse competitions, and afterward continued putting her Saturday mornings to good use in the saddle.

Zane, the only boy, is an all around hand. He can saddle a horse, gather cattle, spray brush, and lift heavy objects. Along with that blonde hair and those blue eyes, I don't see what else you could ever ask for in a boy, do you? (not pictured because he's serving a mission for our church in Argentina)

Brooke, the baby, is a real help working cattle on the ranch. I can't say she's ever hiked those 40 lb. backpacks up the mountains, but boy can she ride. Her never-bothered attitude brings an unprecedented level of calm to gathering cattle.  

And then there's me. I'm second oldest and I'm married to that handsome blond on the far right. I've hiked a backpack or two up those mountains and I can ride a horse to be sure, but most often I leave that to my siblings. I love the ranch as much or more than anybody, I'm convinced. But then again, it's a pretty close draw.

So that's us. We're a family full of belt buckles, backbone, and a whole lot of dirt.
And this is where we want to tell you our stories.

-Taylor, [middle daughter and sole inheritor of the brown eyes]