Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summertime...and baby it's hot.

Last August, I wrote this post and forgot to post it and/or finish it when I left for school.
Seeing that it's about the same time of year and change in routine is seldom,
lucky me- it still applies!

August 2011
This weekend was  business as usual on the ranch.
George works on the bulldozer for five hours on Fridays and Saturdays.
[I think if he didn't set a time limit he might work alll day long...]
but during the summer, the work is a little slower.
dust clogs the filters, and dozing up and down a mountain all day makes machinery overheat pretty fast.
[ummm yeah, I would overheat too pushing trees around on those inclines!]
So breaks are necessary and often taken on these hot, summer days.

But this week was quite a treat.
drumroll please....
I learned to drive the bulldozer!
Do you realize how scary it is to have that much metal moving at your demand?
That thing can move like it's nobody's business.

Aside from the heat, and lots of wheat...
you can always expect to find pesky summer stickers here in the summertime :)

They took almost a year to fully remove from those shoes, I would have you know.
One of the joys of the ranch in the summer- bulldozing and stickers.

Taylor Ann